Exceptional employees make a huge difference when you're dealing with tows and car issues. Feels like you know them. This is a place you don't have to worry about getting scammed at.

Carissa S

Called today for a tow. We have aaa. I have utilized their services on many occasions for towing. They have always done an excellent job. The respond quickly and professionally.

Cheryl C

Friendly. Decent price. Job done in timely way.

Earle G

I have nothing but a great experience with these guys. When I call AAA for roadside assistance they are the ones who get dispatched.
I've seen some negative reviews, and a lot of positive one and my advice would be to make up your own mind if you want to go with them or anyone for that matter.

And to the person who spent a lot of money when he just needed some gas. Your car has a gas gauge ,how could you not know you were on empty. And you should really learn how to check your own oil. Oh, and one more thing when your engine has no oil you'll seize the engine and it doesn't start and won't cause you have recked the engine.

Amy B

Great company very professional got my truck up and running in no time

Corey C

Excellent, speedy friendly service, rode in truck with driver, very personable , thank you Corey!!!

Justin X

Great local tow company in westport ma

Charles C

Good quality work, decent prices and great personal!

Kimberly C

What a great experience I had with Steve from Braytons. I was broke down on the side of the highway and he showed up expecting me to be cold. He had the heat on for me and made sure I was ok and safe. He arrived quickly and loaded up my car even faster! He then helped get my car exactly where I needed it. Again, what an amazing experience! 5 stars all the way!!

Stephanie S

Great service and always friendly.

Susan Mathews

Great customer service

Jess Sameiro

No one wants to spend money having their car repaired. But since we must on occasion, it's nice to know the place you take it to, won't take YOU to the cleaners.
I first saw Brum's when I noticed their marquee advertising that they worked on Mini Coopers. Since mine needed work, (and knowing they are not straight-forward cars to work on, and that dealer service is crazy expensive),I decided to try them. Their reviews seemed good and pricing reasonable.
And that has been the case with Brum's. They work on your car the day they schedule your appointment. They call you promptly and tell you what's wrong. If it's more than you had bargained for, they tell you honestly what really needs fixing, and what can wait.
I had them check out my entire car for problems. They had to fabricate my entire back brake line system with copper/nickel line (it was ready to let go completely), install it as well as a complete tune up and a TON of replacement parts & other things and they did it for $1000. My car runs well after their repairs.
I just feel that they don't gouge their customers. Plus, they know what they're doing. I'll be a regular there for sure. They are honest and fast.

Scott D.