Brakes and Suspensions

Strange Noises May Indicate Brake Problems

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Are you dealing with squealing, squeaking or grinding noises every time you pump the brakes? More than just a simple nuisance, odd brake sounds could be a sign of a serious issue. Get your brakes checked at F.E. Brayton Auto Sales and Service Inc. We provide top-notch auto repair services in Westport, MA.

Our shop has been keeping cars running in peak condition for over 80 years. We'll inspect your brake and suspension systems to give you an honest assessment.

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Signs you may need suspension repair

Your suspension system is responsible for keeping your ride smooth and your brakes working properly. Wondering if your suspension system needs professional work? Here are a few common signs you need auto services ASAP:

  • You feel like you're drifting on sharp turns
  • Braking causes your front end to dip
  • Smooth roads feel bumpy all of a sudden

You may also see that your tires have uneven wear or that there is oil leaking from your shocks while you're parked. It's important to have these issues resolved as soon as possible before further damage spreads.

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